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Jikiden Reiki

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Reiki is the practice of channeling pure loving light and positive healing energy through the hands and into the body. Stress, emotional pain, and old trauma can be held within our energy bodies for years, manifesting into physical/mental/emotional/energetic issues. Working with the chakras (the body’s energy centers) you will feel a sense of calm and ease and release of tension. Root causes and energy blockages can be cleared. It will always be exactly what you need at the time, and every session might feel different.


Benefits include (but are not limited to):

-Stress relief
-Chakra balancing
-Release of stagnant energy
-Emotional healing
-Alignment with your higher self
-Alignment with your highest potential
-Mental and physical clarity
-Overall sense of peace
-Stronger Connection to intuition
-Personal Empowerment

Every individual session could feel/be different every time. Intuitive information may come through and be shared during or after the session.

In-person Jikiden Reiki Sessions:

(One Hour)

1 session: $120

3 Session package: $300

6 Session package: $575

Distance Reiki Sessions:

Reiki can be sent to a person who is far away (having it sent to you right as you’re ready to sleep is amazing!!!)
Distance Reiki can also be sent to a past, present, or future situation (such as an up coming job interview or plane ride) and to root causes of recurring habits or stresses to help heal effects that may still be present energetically, emotionally and physically.

Benefits include:

-Relief and release of stress
-Alignment with your highest potential
-Brings light, emotional healing, and peace to past, present, and future situations.

$75 for 1/2 Hour

$100 for 1 Hour

$195 for 3 Session Package

Reiki Practitioner Training

Want to become a Reiki Practitioner to work on yourself and others?
$395 per level

Level one: You will be able to work on yourself and others
Level two: You will be able to send distance Reiki.
Level three: Heighten ability to channel Reiki.
Master level: You will able to attune others to Reiki.

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Jikiden Reiki

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Distance Reiki



Distance Reiki
3 Sessions


Energy Healing




3 Sessions



6 Sessions


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