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“Wow. Where do I begin? Since my life activation with Kelly, my world has completely changed. The biggest change I would say is my diet. This meat-eating, pizza/carb/junk food loving girl actually has a diet full of greens,veggies and raw food that I crave ! My pallet has actually changed. I didn’t purposely make changes in my diet, it just happened! I (almost immediately) enrolled in college and have a sense of direction in my life’s purpose. I went from a dis-organized, kind of just making it through each day to having goals, purpose and direction. My relationship with my children has drastically improved. We all spend more quality time together and appreciate the time we have. Being sober has become such an ease. I have no cravings and my anxiety is almost completely gone. I really attribute this to the life activation and cord-cutting. My gifts have become more clear and my ability to connect with spirit and light is much easier than before. I can go on and on about how my experience has changed my entire life!!! Kelly has been a huge part in my journey. She is full of light and clarity. There is a reason why you are on her page.. looking.. don’t hesitate to ask.. even if you don’t know what you’re asking.. she is very helpful and intuitive in assisting you in finding your answers/needs etc.” ~Ava Fullerton

“I’m so thankful for Kelly & all that she has done for me internally. She’s a gift. Her healing sessions and The Life Activation are incredible. She’s supportive, beautiful (inside & out). I’ve made more progress since working with her than I have in my entire life. She definitely deserves five stars! If your looking for a true, honest, compassionate healer, she’s your girl” ~Cherie Brennan, Master Stylist

“I received a life activation from Kelly and what can I say…. It changed my life in the best ways possible.  I am now on an enriching path that satisfies me at a soul level.  Kelly is truly compassionate, empathic and a gifted intuitive.  I will work with her many more times in the future.  If you wonder if you should try out one of her services don’t hesitate, do it.” ~Meg Olson, LMP

“Kelly McNees life activation has been an ongoing series of soul unblocking experiences for me. I’ve read and studied spiritual paths, joined a church or two in my 20’s…always searching for an answer. At almost 50, with Kelly being a gentle guide and counselor,  I am finding that the answers are within my own soul. She has helped me realize so much about myself, my actions,  choices and has lovingly guided me towards a balanced me. Just yesterday,  she did a reading for me and I am amazed how I woke up with a purpose, to be the best I can, no stress about the new directions I am choosing to take in my life. I am looking forward to Empower thyself seminar..My words can’t begin to explain how focused and nourished I have felt since beginning meditation and readings sessions with Kelly. Thank you Kelly.” ~MThuy Langsea

“Thank you! Since my Life Activation I’ve been great and my husband can feel the effects too! I’m so thankful I finally made that appointment with you!!” ~Desiree Kendall

“Kelly is one of the most talented psychic energy workers I’ve encountered. Her readings,Reiki, and Life Activation services have been groundbreaking for me. I highly recommend seeking work from Kelly if you are ready to activate your purpose.” “Receiving a reading from Kelly is like having a direct conversation with my highest guidance. Her straightforward and nonjudgmental channeling allows me to feel held and respected by spirit while also free to explore the depth of my own questioning.” ~Angela Amos, LMP, Intuitive Healer, Herbalist, Artist, Mystic

“I’ve received the best Reiki sessions from Kelly, bar none. I’m very interested to find out about her Life Activation services as well, because she is such a powerful energy worker.” ~Erin Lamb

“Kelly is an awesome clear channel! Her readings flow so authentically and have been so helpful. As an intuitive myself, she amazes me with her ability to see the deepest layers of the information that is available. Her knowledge of the metaphysical world makes her an awesome guide in any spiritual practice.” ~Evelyn Kennedy, EartHen Studios (Owner), The Mirror Grid (Owner)

“Kelly is amazing! I’ve had some very powerful and emotional sessions with her that have helped guide me in a direction of self-exploration and change. If you’re feeling blocked, or lost, or just need to hear the words that invoke your change, I highly recommend her. Her work and words have guided me through some tough times. Give it a shot, you won’t regret it!” ~Megan Donaldson, Poppylion Salon (Owner)


“Kelly! Thank you so much for your beautiful reading. Your intuition and insight were right on. The reading was very much what I needed to hear. I have been processing and meditating on all that you shared with me. I was deeply touched with how personal your message was. It gave me a lot to think about and process in terms of what kinds of personal transformations I would like to see in my own life, as well as where I get stuck. Thank you for challenging me in a beautiful way. I have already been using the wisdom that you shared with me to activate the changes that I’d like to see in my life.” ~Amy Sousa, M.A. Depth Psychology

“Kelly’s reading blew my mind. It was as if we’d spent hours together in therapy. I couldn’t believe how quickly and clearly she was able to cut through all my negative thought patterns and habits, to identify the roots of my insecurities. She also gave me practical tools I could use to work on my personal blockages, as well as a great deal of hope and compassion for myself. I liked that every time she spoke about a blockage or problem, she suggested a solution. And I like that she ended by talking about how we all have struggles but these are lessons that we eventually learn. This felt more like a wise friend imparting loving guidance. I’m really grateful for Kelly’s advice and insights.”~Farrah Alladin, RYT, Joyous Light Yoga

“Kelly McNees is a gifted energy worker and intuitive. My daughter arranged a Reiki session for me as a birthday gift. The best gift ever. During our Reiki session, she put me into such a relaxed state. I became very aware of deep issues and feelings that were trapped or holding me back and the reality that I was in control of letting go. She is so open with her energy that it allowed me to release old hurts, regrets and resentments. She is an ethical, responsible and moral person and is very serious about her work, while remaining peaceful relaxed and in tune with me. She brought up her thoughts after our Reiki and did a psychic reading that went way beyond what I expected. She’s a healer and offered intuition and guidance to me and it was so insightful and right on point. An amazing experience.” ~Lisanne

“I found Kelly’s reading accurate, articulate, careful, honest, helpful, and healing. I’m eager to talk more with her in the future, hear more intuitive readings, and learn more about her experience of giving them” ~Alex Streim

“Kelly is very good. So much of what was said during the reading had been on my mind this past week. I felt a nice calm feeling come over me, yet also felt energized and empowered to bring about more change than I had anticipated. Thank you Kelly.” ~Rosa Herrera


“I wholeheartedly recommend Kelly’s healing offerings. She blessed me with an epic healing session, and I felt so held in love, and not only did I have much of my inner experience affirmed, but she channeled and shared such powerful insights that continue to aid in my process.” ~Sydney Jourard LMP

“I’ve never had any type of reading before, when Kelly offered I was like, “yeah ok it’s not like it would hurt, just be a funny little thing…” Little did I know she would have blown my mind with the accuracy of what was going on in my life without even asking! Better yet followed with realistic steps on how to fix the worries in my life. She left me in happy tears feeling understood and heard, and it was everything.” ~Megan Radke

“Your reading was very in-tune with what has presented to me the past several months- so thank you for the affirmations of what has been trying to get my attention & the reminders of beneficial steps to take to engage with, let go of, & open to. Much appreciation.” ~Annie Jordan, M.A Depth Psychology

“Kelly is phenomenal. Highly intuitive yet approachable. She brings both depth and lightness to her work, and I’m incredibly grateful for her knowledge, insight, and compassion!” ~Jessica Psenski, Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate (LMHCA)

“Kelly shines as a holistic healer. She posses integrity and passion in all of her work.” ~Kaitlin Bagley

“Kelly has a clear vision and goal. Her clear sight and grounded roots make her one of the best healers I’ve met and had the pleasure to work with.” ~Isabel Conlon MA-C

“Amazing strong and one of  the most clear headed and grounded healers I have ever met.” ~Natalie Stockhausen, LMP, CPT, LAP, AMC

“Kelly’s work is pure and deeply meaningful. Working with her has helped me and others I know clear energetic blockages and balance ourselves emotionally and spiritually. Her readings are incredibly insightful and consistently relevant to real-time issues. I not only trust her for myself, but I recommend her to anyone looking for healing and expansion on their evolutionary journey. If you are ready and willing to open yourself to your soul’s work, Kelly can help you. I’m only sorry it took me so long to write this.” ~Jon Lirette, Astrologer


“I just wanted to say, you really activated healing in me. SO much. I’ve healed from a lot, been able to let things go and feel more free. My anger is gone, and I’m more patient again. I’m stronger and able to withstand conflict and authority figures (I noticed a huge change in the way I handled situations at with customers and employees. I’m feeling a lot more like my self again, and with all these opportunities that have also come my way, I don’t believe in coincidence. And I just wanted to share that I really have noticed a difference in my heart, and in my mind. My relationships in general have improved, and so has my relationship with myself- thank you. That post about healing that you shared, just reminded me I needed to message you. Because wow the amount of healing that’s taken place has shocked me! But I’m embracing it!!”


“Kelly is a powerful healer, definitely worth gifting ourselves some physical and emotional healing work after all the summer activities.  I so look forward to receiving from you again!” ~Rosemary 

“Kelly spent 90 minutes (private yoga), which flew by, working on my curved and twisted lumbar spine, which usually always hurts to some degree. I left feeling very weird- no signals. None. No pain. The session included heart opening and shoulder/upper body moves as well, and nothing felt uncomfortable or impossible. Intellectually I knew this would help, but the reality is wonderfully beyond expectations....five stars. WhaHOO!” ~Linda Radka


“I had a Life Activation with Kelly in 2019 and it has continued to contribute to my life to this day! She helped me unfold my purpose with such clarity and opened up channels of receiving information that I didn’t know I had!” ~Evelyn Kennedy

“ I am so grateful. I cannot stress enough what rough shape I was in, and the energy centers most in need of healing were indeed the first three chakras as you noted. It’s actually amazing how much better I am feeling today! I was able to get a little bit of acupuncture as well and between that and your (distance reiki) session, I’m honestly feeling restored in a way I did not think possible in such a short time frame.” ~Ruby

“After the Life Activation, I don’t feel like I have bad energy following me anymore like I used to.” ~Jade

“Since Life Activation I’ve recognized some things about myself and life that used to cause anxiety. I’ve come to terms with things that used to cause emotional pain and have a feeling of acceptance for what I cannot change. Also recognizing what’s no longer good for me. The clarity is really nice.” ~Brooklin

“When I got the Spark of Life Healing from Kelly I could feel energy coming down into my crown chakra and through my core. It was tingly. The back of my head between my ears was vibrating. It was very relaxing and left me feeling floaty. After it was over I felt very peaceful and calm.” ~Ty Kent

“I thoroughly enjoyed my Life Purpose Reading with Kelly. She was spot-on with confirming information I needed to know, as well as uncovering and revealing information that needed to come to the surface. I felt wonderfully supported and engaged through the whole process.” ~Scott Mathis

“The accuracy and deep truth that Kelly touched upon in my Life Purpose Reading was profound. It was like she had known me for a long time. She picked up on blockages that I have been aware of and gave me reassurance in my navigation through them. Everything she said was spot on. She picked up on pieces of me that I keep hidden. I left the reading with a new sense of connection to myself and a greater sense of purpose in my life. It was the best reading I’ve ever had and I’ve had a lot!!!” ~Gillian - Yoga Instructor, Healer

“My Soul Retrieval session was so grounding. I felt peace and totally safe. Kelly carried an energy of love and support which helped me to relax and let go. I could feel a growing sense of wholeness grounding down into my body and by the end of the session I felt more alive and awake. It’s hard to explain but overall it really just helped me feel more like myself. I highly recommend this service. I will definitely invest in this service again when I’m feeling disconnected from myself and my joy” ~Melanie

“I'm grateful every day the Modern Mystery School found me just over a year ago when I had my Life Activation!  
My old neighbor Kelly knew I had quit drinking and reached out to offer me a Life Activation. At first I said no thank you, I'm doing this other thing. But my Spirit and Soul knew... so I circled back and I booked my session with her. My life has literally never been the same and I'm thrilled…” ~Taffy K

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