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Aura Healings

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Egyptian Aura Healing

The Egyptian Aura Healing balances the 7 layers of the human body and the aura. This very special healing modality calls upon the power of the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses for their knowledge of ratios and dimensions of the energetic and physical bodies of human beings. You will get to write a mission statement/or goal and this healing will help set the trajectory towards fulfillment of your statement. 

Session price: $150

Aura Healing

Negative energies and influences can create holes in the aura. This healing modality finds and gently fills in these holes with light increasing mental capacity, clarity, brings more energy and light, helps to protect against further damage and gently repairs and heals the aura.

Session Price: $100

Shamanic Aura Clearing

Using energy of the earth and the sutra of the heart, this modality is a highly effective clearing which removes low vibrating negative energizes from the aura. This will help with negative mental states, clears away lingering residue from environmental and outside influences, and creates a seal of the etheric field for more protection and peace.

Egyptian Aura Healings
Aura Healings
Shamanic Aura Clearing
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Aura Healings

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1 Hour Session


Forest Trees

3 Session Package


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