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Full Spirit Activation

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What would it be like to embody your full spirit?
Align with and light up your connection to your own soul with this powerful Activation. Awakening the highest versions of our energy bodies, this modality works with the pituitary and pineal glands to awaken the thalamus region (or ancient brain) to create a stronger infusion of the souls influence in our physical existence. Become your own “miracle worker” and optimize your personal divinity.

Benefits include but are not limited to:

-Activating awareness of the soul to the physical
-Unblocks channels of clarity and awareness in the body
-Helps regulate the nervous system and sensory reception
-Awaken and enhance physical and spiritual senses
-Combats apathy
-Feel more inspired and in love with life
-Enhance connections to nature
-Invite in more joy
-More clarity in your life purpose(s)
-Higher connection to source and the universe
-Expand upon the Life Activation to the next level of limitless potential

Pre Requisite: Life Activation

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Full Spirit Activation

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