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Distance Sessions

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Distance Reiki Sessions:

Reiki can be sent to a person who is far away (having it sent to you right as you’re ready to sleep is amazing!!!)
Distance Reiki can also be sent to a past, present, or future situation (such as an up coming job interview or plane ride) and to root causes of recurring habits or stresses to help heal effects that may still be present energetically, emotionally and physically.

Benefits include:

-Relief and release of stress
-Alignment with your highest potential
-Brings light, emotional healing, and peace to past, present, and future situations.

$75 for 1/2 Hour

$100 for 1 Hour

$195 for 3 Session Package

Spark of Life Distance Healing:

A powerful distance healing where the practitioner flows the divine spark/source of life energy into the client from a distance. This light energy facilitates healing and revitalization. A powerful modality used by ancient high priests and priestesses to keep their vibration and energy high.

Emailed Intuitive Readings:

You send questions and I respond via email flowing information received from the clients higher self and guides

Distance Jikiden Reiki
Spark of Life Distance Healing
Emailed Intuitive Readings
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