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Space Enhancement
& Protection


Gridding and Sealing Your Space with Sacred Geometry

with Reiki Space Healing and Protection

Negative or stagnant energy can be held in spaces as well as in your own body. This can effect how we feel in our own home or business space.

I perform a combination of space clearing, healing and sealing techniques that invite in light positive flow of energy and space protection. Feel better in your own home or work space.

Using Smudging and clearing with sage and holy water, Gridding and Sealing using Sacred Geometry (a Salomonic Lineage Tool), Reiki Blessing and Protection.

Prices may vary based upon travel time and size of the space.

Contact me for a free consultation and inquiries.

Crystal Gridding

Clear and Protect your home or workplace with Crystal Gridding. A Salomonic Lineage tool, handed down through an unbroken lineage of teachings and healings that can be traced back over 3,000 years. Crystals will be hung up near the ceiling to stay, inviting in abundance, protection, divinity, inspiration, manifestation, and pure light healing energy.

Prices may vary based upon the size of the space and travel time.

Set up a consultation today for more inquiries.

Temple Space Setting

I come to your home/physical space and perform ancient rituals to set sacred temple energy in your space to raise vibration and create sacred space that’s amazing for enhancing your life. 

Consultation required.

Sacred Geometry Grids
Crystal Gridding
Temple Space Setting

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