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Have you ever felt like the same type of situations keep happening? Do you feel blocked? Having trouble making a choice? Through an Intuitive Reading, I access your guides and higher self to relay the flow of energies for you to interpret what you need to focus on at this time. You may ask questions, or simply be open to hear what comes up. This can help identify old social and familial conditioning, inner child wounding, energy blockages and recurring habits and patterns that may be manifesting into real life situations. You can discover the lessons you need to learn in order to shift these patterns and invite in more self empowerment, connection to your own intuition and embrace your power of choice over where your energy goes and how to want to feel. You may discover root causes that effect how you feel and think about yourself, how you react and relate to others, and how you deal with life stresses in general. Each reading is unique to each individual. I also flow Reiki Healing energy to all situations that arise.
To shine light upon root causes, is to set shifts in motion and invoke change. You get to choose how you feel!!!!

Crystal Reading

We use two twin crystals to help ensure a pure protected connection and I empower the client to sit in the drivers seat and ask their questions. I receive and share the answers and guidance coming through for the client.

Purpose of Life Reading

We are all vast and eternal spiritual beings, our spirits go far beyond mere mental comprehension. This reading keys onto our spiritual source and origins, our gifts and potentials, and our energetic universal influences. We all chose to be here now for our unique specific purpose and to share our gifts and energies with the world. We have all participated in many past life emanations and “off-world” experiences to prepare us for being here now living our human experience. We have our genetic family lineage in the physical, as well as our spiritual family lineages. We have connections to Angels, Arch-angels, mythological beings, Masters of Light and more. All of this information is stored within us. The Life Purpose reading taps into our vast potentials looking at where we are from to see more clearly where we are going. 

Pre Requisite: The Life Activation 


-The Life Activation + Life Purpose Reading package: $325

Hermetic Cosmology Reading

A Hermetic Cosmology Reading harnesses  planetary/astrological influences, as well as all energies in the universe that affect the human experience. You will gain insights into the astrological influences relating to your conception, birth and your place in the universe.

This reading is very unique, giving you deeper insights into your cosmological make-up, your energetic path, where you are going and the best way to harness the forces of the cosmos to improve your life.

Pre requisite: The Life Activation 


Oracle Card Reading

We will receive insights to questions using an oracle card deck.


Emailed Intuitive Readings

You send questions and I respond via email flowing information received from the clients higher self and guides.

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