Crystal Healings

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Crystal Healing Session

I am trained and certified to give Crystal Healing Sessions by the Modern Mystery School, an unbroken lineage of teachings and healings that date back thousands of years.
We will discuss what areas of healing focus you need at this time, and I will place the appropriate crystals on your body. You will relax and feel amazing energy flowing.

Half Hour Session: $75

One hour session: $120

3 Session Package: $295 (a $360 value)

Crystal Rites

Crystal Rites Healing works on spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels. It is very effective for releasing underlying issues that block our healing and progression. This healing will help you feel refreshed, revitalized and rebalanced. In this hour long session, We cover Old Wounds Rites, New Wounds Rites, and Good Fortune Rites.

One Hour Session: $100

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Crystal Healings

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Crystal Healing Session



Crystal Healing Session
3 Pack